Happy Sleeversary

I have been in a fair share of relationships in my life. This by far, has been the best relationship I've ever experienced. My sleeve hasn't left me, it only talks back when I do something wrong, and it has helped me become a better person all around.

If you had asked me 6 months or a year ago, where I thought I would be now, I don't think I would know. I don't think I would say "80 lbs lighter and happy as a clam". Side note: what makes clams so happy? I don't think this time last year I was really sure that I would be having this surgery. I am so incredibly happy that I went through with it. I know that there were some reservations, but my only real reservations were what others would think of me for doing this. I'm so glad that I took the risk and changed my life.

Now, I certainly do have my bad days. I have my bad weeks. Sometimes I eat all the wrong foods. But changing my diet to vegetarianism, and taking out 80% of my stomach, has helped me stop eating fast food, and if I do eat something not so healthy, at least now I'm only eating a small amount. I know what "slider foods" are for me. Anything with carbs, pasta, crackers, chips. I can eat my fair share of those items. I'm still working on not actually buying that crap, so it's not even available to me in the house. But sometimes it's hard when you have a craving. We are all human though, we all have our moments, and that's okay. As long as I don't have that craving every day.

Ever since I came back from NH, I've been having a very hard time getting myself to the gym. I feel like I don't have any time. Hopefully this week I will be able to get my butt in gear and go a couple times at least! I have been taking the dog for walks as much as I can, but again, I feel like I don't have any time! I wish there were just a few more hours in each day some times, and I wish it didn't get dark at 5 pm now. Once it's dark I am in automatic settle in mode. I don't want to do much of anything but curl up on the couch and cuddle with the puppy.

I still struggle with facing the reality  that I have lost 80 lbs, and am doing great! My goal was to lose 80 lbs by Christmas, so I'm way ahead of schedule. I actually got down to my Christmas goal weight last week, however I've been in a stall all week, I did lose 1 lb this weekend, but I had gained 2 last week. Whatevs. All that matters is that it's November and I've already met my mini Christmas goal. Woohoo. Wicked Awesome. Fantastic. Terrific.

My mind is still catching up to my body. Though I'm realizing it more. I think that I'm finally realizing it, because I've been taking more pictures of myself. When you look at yourself in the mirror, big or thin, you see the same person. It's harder to see the difference when you look at yourself every day. But When I look at pictures I see a big difference.

I bet some of you are wondering what I can eat now? I know I was updating people in the beginning but then I kinda slacked off.

Well, a typical day for me is:

Yogurt  and granola or
english muffin with peanut butter or
breakfast wrap with eggs, cheese and fake bacon

salad or
soup or
both or
chipotle ( black beans and brown rice with cheese, quac on the side) or
left overs

salad or
homemade pizza (1 slice, two if I'm lucky)
morning star/ gardin products, veggie chicken, or beef
quinoa mixed with other ingredients

some sort of nut (peanut, almond, pistachio)
kashi bar
carrots and hummus

I think these are the most common things that I have. I try to buy fresh fruit, but I find that it's too sugary for me, and makes my tummy feel funny. I've also been finding myself baking a lot lately. I enjoy peanut butter cookies, because they have protein in them :) I also just made some pumpkin pecan muffins. Easiest recipe in the world and they were pretty fantastic. I know I'm not perfect, and I bet that if I were more strict with my diet I would be losing more weight, faster. But the whole reason why I got this surgery was because I know dieting isn't for me, and the success rate for long term is not good. So, with that being said, I eat a little healthier, and I eat a whole lot less than what I used to be able to put away.

My sleeve changes throughout the day as well. Sometimes in the morning it's very tight, and I can't eat much of anything. Throughout the day it gets a little more relaxed and I'm able to eat a little more. It also all depends on how fast I eat and what I'm eating. Items with more protein fill me up faster and longer. Carbs don't do much of anything, but satisfy my craving for them.

I've been trying a little harder to get in all my fluids. It's so hard though when you feel full the majority of the day, but I know that it will help prevent my headaches, and those are no bueno.

I'm still choosing not to drink. Since I got so sick after the last time I drank, I don't feel like feeling that way again any time soon. Doesn't mean that some day I might give it a shot. But for now, I will pass :)

Well that's all the updating I have for you.

Here are the photos comparing May 2011 to Nov 2011. (Sorry the Nov photos are dark, my photographer wasn't very skilled)


  1. What an amazing journey you have been through so far! Congrats on all your success and future successes!

  2. Great job! You mom shared your blog. I too have weight to lose, and have found that if I go to the gym in the morning (I get up early for it), I can't make excuses about time later in the day. I also find that now that I've been doing it for a month, I like it...I feel better and have more energy most days. Good luck!

  3. Thanks so much ladies, its always nice to have support near and far throughout life's journeys :)


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