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Do you ever catch yourself cruising down the road minding your own business then BAM! You get knocked out with a flood of emotions? No?  Really? Are you sure you aren’t a robot?!

Happens to me more often than I’d like to admit. Actually hit me pretty hard and unexpectedly (but really pretty expectedly) tonight. My grandmother passed away after a very brief, yet difficult battle with cancer this past Spring. Thankfully we were all able to spend as much time with her, sharing laughs, love and memories during her final few weeks. When she finally passed away I of course felt sadness, but was able to prepare myself for the inevitable. But looking back, can you really ever prepare yourself for something like losing a loved one?

Everyone grieves differently, for some it’s an easier process than others. I like to think that (unfortunately) I’m pretty good at this process. I’ve dealt with loss in many different ways in many different times in my life. It never gets easier for sure. But you be…

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