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Haters Gonna Hate

No matter what path life leads you down, you're always going to find people along the way that are your #1 fans, and people that no matter what you do, how far along that path you've come, are going to try and knock you down. Then you might find that one straggler that really wants to support and cheer you on, but just can't commit 100%.

I like to compare those types of people to my cat. She wants to love Ramallah so much, and can't stand to be away from her for any extended period of time, but every now and then her cat instinct comes out and she's just gotta swat.

As I continue down this weird path I've decided to take for myself, I become more and more aware of those cat people. I'm learning every day to put me first, and to extend my distance from those that aren't worthy of my energy (positive or negative).

This journey of mine is for me, about me, and no one but me is going to make or break it. One of the hardest parts of this is, learning to not…

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