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I’ve been contemplating for quite a while now if I want to let old, dusty skeletons out of my closet or not.

In fact, I wrote this post almost two months ago because I really felt like I needed to at least get my thoughts out other than racing in my mind, but then wanted time to decide if I really wanted to share this story with all of you.

 I have stayed away from this topic because I didn’t want anyone to think it was attention seeking behavior. One of my main goals with this blog is for just one person to read it and relate, and hopefully be able to take something new, and hopefully positive away from it. It’s also cheaper and less invasive therapy for me. However, in light of recent topics in the news, and the #metoo movement becoming more and more prevalent I think it’s most important for stories to be told, so those that have already been strong enough to tell their story can continue to be supported and those not quite ready, can find comfort to know they are not alone.

What I’…

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