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I hate to start this post on a negative note, but I am in a funk. I don't know if it's work, personal, or both. But I'm ready to get over it, and move on.

I've been doing a very poor job keeping up on my posts. Part of that has to do with the fact that work was extremely busy from September until now, and I no longer have a lappy-top available at home. But I promise, I will do better in 2012, even if I don't have anything exciting to update on. I will at least say, "hello!"

Like I said, work was very busy for the past couple of months. I have been spending most of my time preparing for surveyors to come and make sure all of our paperwork is in line, so that we can be accredited again as a non- profit for another three years. Good news is, we did very well, just waiting for the official word from the board.

Ever since I came back from NH, and lost my gym buddy, I have been very very lazy. I hate that I have been like this, I really enjoy going to the gym, but once I get home, and settled, I have a very difficult time finding that motivation. I did go to the gym one day last week, and it felt good to go and sweat a little. And the next day I weighed one lb less! I meant to go to the gym again yesterday, but I accidentally fell asleep on the couch, then by the time I was done running my errands I lost motivation. Hopefully I will go tonight. Since I don't have anything planned between 4-7, I have no excuses!

I've found that lately I've kinda lost myself. I haven't been focusing on me. I am terribly co-dependent, and I need to work on solving that problem. I've been letting a friend stay with me for the past month or so, and find myself using them as an excuse for not working on me. Last night, I asked them to spend a couple of days somewhere else, because even though I really do enjoy their company, I need to be able to feel as though I can do things that I need to do for myself without feeling guilty. They abided, but not without making me feel bad. To that I say, too bad. Stay away forever if that's the case. If you aren't going to respect the fact that I need to put myself first, especially when you are always telling me that I don't and you want me to, then stay away. End rant now.

I went to the Doctor last week for my 6 month follow up, he is pleased with my progress, we talked about hitting a plateau, to which I said I was already there. He explained that this is perfectly normal, that all I need to do is increase my exercise, and the weight will start falling off again. Ey Ey Captain. He also gave me a referral to go see a plastic surgeon, just to meet and see if we click, so in a year and a half, if needed, I can get in to have some work done to remove extra skin. I'm hoping that this won't be necessary because I am still pretty young and my skin will shrink back to normal. I don't know if I've said this on here before, but I love Dr. Alshkaki, from day one, him and his staff have made me feel so welcome, and comfortable, I couldn't be happier that I chose to take this journey with him :)

Has everyone finished their Christmas shopping yet? I think I am just about done. I bought one more thing randomly this morning for someone, and have a few gift certificates to local eateries that I need to get on Christmas Eve. I always try to get my shopping done as early as I can, so I don't need to think about it any more. I had a hard time sharing my Christmas list with family this year however. I have no idea what I want or need. What I really need is that traffic ticket paid, haha, I mean...don't worry Mom, already taken care of! I can't really ask for that winter jacket, because I fit in all different sizes now. I really don't care so much about presents, I just can't wait to spend an entire week at home with my best friends and family!

Speaking of clothes, I went shopping last week, and managed to squeeze myself into a size 14/16 dress! High five! I think the last time I fit into a 14/16 was when I was in middle school.

I wish the colors popped more in the picture, in person its a very bright blue and pink, but you get the idea :)
I just realized that I think I need new pants. My pants are now "Mom jean" worthy. They go up to my bra line I think, and that just isn't what a 26 year old should be rockin.

Okay, so new goals for 2012-

Update my blog more often
Go to the gym more often
Take the dog for more walks again
Cook more at home, even if it's just for one
Focus on me, and what I need
Try something new
Stress less about the little things
Donate more (time, money, clothes)
Get a kitten!!!!! (Just kidding again, Mom)


  1. Love that dress Sa! Great post - and yes you have to learn to put yourself first, in the long run it is better for you and for the people you love and those that love you

    Words cannot express how FRIGGIN :-) proud I am of you (sorry gram I know you think that is a swear word!)

    Can't wait to see you <3


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