This has nothing to do with anything, but I have found a new love for the show Big Bang Theory. I don't know why I haven't been watching it since day one. But I am looking forward to getting all seasons in my posession soon!

Things have been going well. I have been busy with work and stuff. I was soing pretty good with working out, then of course fell off the band wagon. Now, there is something wrong with my foot, I am going to the Doctor today to try and figure out what is going on.

The weather here has been extremly nice, which has given me the opportunity to go to the dog park with Ms. Mallah quite often. I swear, she is the strangest dog. She loves the mudd, and any hole that's in the ground. She will get a little crazy and just lay down in either one. Usually, resulting in her becoming covered in mudd or dirt. Ah least she's having fun right?

My friend Sarah, came for a visit this past week on her way to LA for an internship, I always love having her here, we were able to go to some fun vegetarian places for good eats. We also got to tour the US Capital while she was here.

I had a really nice and refreshing Sunday. My roommate and I did some exploring in DC. We stopped by Sticky Fingers Bakery, in DC to grab some vegan cupcakes. Sticky Fingers was recently on the show Cupcake Wars on TLC. I have to say the cupcake I tried was fantastic. I love the fact that you can't even tell that they are vegan! Thank God, my stomach is so small because I probably would have eaten the entire half dozen myself! We also checked out this new market that's not too far from my house, called My Local Market. After deciding that I wanted to try and purchase dairy products that are locally made, I started doing some research for indoor Farmer's Markets and I stumbled upon this place.

My Local Market was created by a local Father, that was always too busy on Saturday mornings taking his kids everywhere, that he missed the local Farmers Market. So he decided to take matters in to his own hands, and create a year round, open 7 days a week market featuring all local goods. Everything is from within a 100 mile radius. I was very pleased with the selection they had to choose from, and the prices weren't bad at all. I am more than willing to pay a little extra to have the comfort knowing where my food is coming from.

I'm looking forward to going next time with a list so I don't just buy cabbage and brussel sprouts because they looked too good to pass up. Speaking of, anyone have any good cabbage or brussel sprouts recipes? haha.

I feel like I have been doing well sticking with my New Year resolution. I've been really working towards making me happy. I think I'm slowly getting there :)

Oh. And I've lost 96 lbs since May 2011. I have 24 more lbs to go until I reach my goal. Having this surgery was the best decision I've ever made.



  1. Whoot Whoot- I can't wait to see you in April to go to the Sticky Fingers Bakery & the new Market...and of course to see my favortist sister in the world - love you <3

  2. big bang theory is the ring tone on my cell phone :D nice blog!

  3. Thanks tz! Big Bang is a new obesssion of mine :)


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