The Scale- Are You Friend or Foe?

All my life, this simple little device has been my mortal enemy. At one point I just gave up all hope with it completely, leading me to become 315 lbs. Right before my operation, I decided I would purchase a new one and we would become the best of friends. And what do you know, we totally hit it off! Every day I stepped on it and it would tell me something less, this love for the scale continued on for probably a year and a half...until one day, it stopped moving.

I summed up the halt to so many life changes, changing jobs, changing states, changing relationship status'. I continued to follow the same eating habits and exercise routine, I began to feel better about myself, felt like I was  getting smaller, and feeling more fit, but the scale, just wouldn't budge. I was okay with this since I was feeling so good. Then more life changes happened, changed jobs again, changed where I lived, and now my boyfriend moved in with me. This all happened within a few months, so I allowed myself to be okay with the fact that the scale might have gone up a couple of pounds, I was going through a lot, and it wouldn't help if I was so hard on myself.

Well, now things have settled down, I am working a job that I am happy with, we are settled in to our new house, and I am working out again on a regular basis.

But the scale...oh the scale. It has gone up and up and up! I don't understand what is wrong with it! I've tried to ignore it, but there it sits under the sink mocking me, just louring me to step on and break my heart. 

Seeing the numbers creep up make me feel defeated, because I haven't reached goal yet, and it's been 2 years. I was so close to goal, only had 5 pounds to lose, and now I have closer to 15 to lose. I am still fitting in to the same clothes, but those numbers on the scale haunt me day and night. I fear that I am going to revert back to my old ways, and that scares the crap out of me.

I think for now, I just need to throw the batteries away, and not have the accessibility of my old friend, and really just focus on getting back on track. I don't feel like I am completely off track, but I can see how it's going that way. Incorporating life, with these choices are hard. When I go out, I want to have fun, and not worry, I don't want to have to be timing when to drink water, and when I can have something special to eat. But if that's what I need right now, then that's what I have to do again. 

I found something the other day that is now my background on my phone. It says-

START NOW by recommitting today.
DRINK WATER like it's your job.
PLAN each meal.
EAT don't make up for overeating by NOT eating.
REVISIT your food journal and repeat a good week.
REMIND yourself how far you've come.
MOVE get your sweat on.
DON'T let a bad week turn into a bad month.
VEGETABLES are your friends.
REPEAT this tomorrow.

This shall be my mantra until the scale can be nice. 

Have you every hit a stall? Or gained? What have you done or wish you did to get yourself out of this slump?


  1. Sarah,
    You doing great. Just think of all of the new things you have tried during the past year.. Color Run, Riding a bike, trying new foods, you are doing just fine.. be on track and the scale will be your friend again... and remember muscle weighs more than fat... so you have built up muscle..
    love you and so proud of you

  2. I am signing up for medical insurance tomorrow through my job and will begin the same process you have gone through. I am so stinking proud of you and you truly are a strong example for me as I begin my journey. Thanks hun and keep ip the great work!!!

  3. Ave, I'm so incredibly happy for you. Its sich an amazing journey and learning expierence! Please, if you have ANY questions let me know ♥

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  5. so proud of you. just facing your problems is a step in the right direction, keep to your plan and it will work out.
    love ya, gram


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