Photo Montaaaaaage!

I know you all are just as excited as am, to be able to see all my update photos in one post. You're welcome.


Day of Surgery, 300 pounds

One month post-op, 285 pounds

Two months post-op, 275 pounds

Three months after Surgery, 260 pounds
(very excited to put my weight on my licence that month)

Six month update, probably around 220 pounds
(what I weighed in high school)

Nine months post-op, under 200 pounds now!

One year post-op, sorry it's pixelated!
about 185 pounds, five pounds from my "goal" weight

Two years and one month post-op, probably around 185 or 190
(stopped weighing myself after I stopped seeing the scale go down)

Two and a half years later, 192 pounds, and kicking asses.
(why does this picture give me the world's largest thighs?)


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