You know when you are watching Futbol on Telemundo and someone scores, the announcers yell "GOOOOAAALL!!!" Well that's what I hollered to myself in the bathroom yesterday morning.

I can't even remember the last time I posted, I think it was about 2 weeks ago, after my amazing friends had some down to visit. Since then, things have been extremely hectic. Work has been very busy, and for some reason I feel like my so has my social life (which probably isn't true).

This heat has been killing me, I want to do nothing more than sit at home in the nice A/C after walking around DC or driving in my car with no A/C (Thanks again Pepe ;)). I've been trying much harder to get my eating habits back in a routine. I've been going for walks with Mallah as much as I can, and have started going back to the dog park. I will be glad when this heat streak calms down. Which probably won't actually be until September.

I went shopping last weekend for the first time since May. I finally decided that I would try to find pants that better fit me. As most of you know, I have no butt, and as I lose weight, my butt has been disappearing more and more. I hate shopping, as most over weight people do. Stores are very limited, the clothing is more expensive and not all stores clothing fits the same. So I tried to have an open mind, and know that if I wasn't happy with what I find, I don't have to leave with anything, people will just have to deal with my saggy pants for a little while longer. Well I ended up having a bit more success than planned. I was actually able to buy a pair of pants from Old Navy! They are a little tight, but they were only 4 bucks, so I figured they were worth it. I also managed to find a pair of capris at another store. When I got home, and told my mom about my shopping adventure, I was a little bummed to tell her that they were both a size 20, but all cuts are different I guess. Before surgery I was wearing a size 20, but mostly 22. The following day I decided to wear the new capris I had just purchased, and to my surprise, they weren't a size 20 at all..they were an 18! I was so happy to realize this, I know its just a couple sizes, but I don't even know the last time that I wore an 18. Mini goal complete :)

Now, I am going to admit, I am bad, and usually weigh myself everyday. Sometimes I see drops, and sometimes I don't. I like to think that as long as I don't go up a pound, I'm doing okay. Well yesterday I got on the scale and it said...249! That's right, I've met my August weight loss goal! And early! My original goal was to lose 50 lbs by the time I go home August 17th, so I still have two more weeks to lose. First big goal, complete :)

This has been a month of goals, let's hope they keep on comin'

Oh, and I took a picture of myself on the scale yesterday just to prove it to anyone that questions it. I will post it later.


  1. Congradulations on meeting your two new goals. What a refreshing thing! And I can empathize with the no butt thing. It's an ongoing joke that I am going to get a pair of underwear that has a fake butt in them. My friend told me that she thought they actually made them but I have never looked them up. Keep up the good work. You deserve it. Oh, and that heat's here in Ohio too. I'm DYING!

  2. Thanks Judy! The fake butt undies are real! I've heard people talk about them on a local radio show...I probably should invest in a pair as well. And yes, I have a feeling that this heat wave is effecting everyone east of Minnesota! Keep cool :)


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