Labor Dabor Day

Does anyone remember Homestar Runner? Back in college I was a regular visitor to the website, my favorite section was probably Strongbad Email. There are a few that stick in my mind, but one in particular is for Labor Day. Somewhere in the video, Strongbad calls the holiday Labor Dabor Day, poor Strongbad, I don't think that ended up being a good Holiday for him...

A few years ago Labor Day meant the conclusion of summer vacation, and usually included a cookout at Grams. Soon to be followed by the first day of school. Now, it's just an extra day off to give me a 3 day weekend, since I'm single, and broke, I don't even travel for long holiday's, besides I'm fairly certain that vacation spots around here are always crazy, and that doesn't sound fun to me. I'm okay with keeping Holiday weekends low key, sometimes it's nice just to veg out and not worry about anything.

I did get a couple of things accomplished this weekend however, I was able to motivate myself enough to go to the gym for the first time since I got a membership back in April. I also was able to successfully boil eggs...and peel them without destroying them! It's the little things in life that count. I don't know what my issue is with the gym, once I'm there I'm fine, but with all seriousness, up until I was literally walking through the door I was fighting turning around and going home. I went on the treadmill for 30 minutes and then a bike for another 30...I thought about doing the 30 minute workout after, but didn't want to push myself too hard the first time. Hopefully I will be able to go back soon, and will give it a try.

I went to the Doctor this past week for my 3 month follow up. Dr. Alshkaki is happy with my progress. So far I have lost 63 lbs. I am 17 lbs away from being at the weight I was back in high school. The doctor did get on me about working out, and weighing myself. He asked me just to try going to the gym once a week, on top of my usual dog walks with Mallah, he also told me to try just weighing myself once a week. I was good for a few days but then that scale was staring me down, and I had to jump on. The scale was kind to me this week :) I'm going to try very hard to follow the Doctors orders...he is the professional and all.

I feel as though the next few months are going to be good ones, and busy ones! I'm trying to organize my life better so I can get the best out of it, and I should probably start cleaning the house now, in anticipation for my sister and dad's visit down here in October! Wish me luck, lord knows I'll need it.

Have a lovely Labor Dabor Day!


  1. So happy for you!! It's only down hill from here!


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