In it to Win it


I feel like I have nothing exciting to share lately. I've been kinda feeling bummed out for the past month about everything. I haven't lost much weight. I actually gained a couple of pounds at one point, but then lost it again. I am still at 195, total weight loss since May- 105 lbs and overall, 120 lbs.

That is def. something to be excited about, and I am soooo happy that I have lost that much, and am so much healthier that I was a year ago. I just am worried that that's gonna be it. I started going to the gym again, and just doing the 30 minute work out, then I usually walk a mile with the dog at the park. Hopefully adding the workout back in to my routine will help with shedding more pounds.

My stomach started bothering me last week, whenever I ate I felt nauseous and every now and then felt pain in my side. It's since gone away, but I was seriously worried something had happened. If I start to feel that again, I guess I will be making an appointment to see the Doc.

As it's getting nicer, and I am feeling better about myself, there are so many things I want to do, but then I realize I don't really have anyone to do all these things with. My sister, bless her heart, has offered to fly down and attend these events with me. I wish NH was closer to VA! With that being said,  I think I am going to start looking in to moving back to NH in the next few months.

Now, don't get your panties all in a bunch. My lease isn't up til November, so unless some sort of magic miracle happens, it won't be til then. But honestly, I'm tired of not spending holidays with family, I want to be able to participate in our annual Easter Scavenger Hunt! I want to be able to drive over to friends houses and cuddle with their kids (be it human or 4- legged). I want to be able to call up Mom or sis and go for a walk. So if you've got a job for me in the fall let me know ;)

On a positive note- I started running. Okay, let me rephrase that...last week, I went for a walk/ jog with Mallah. There is a Fort up the road from my house, that has a loop that everyone walks or runs. I decided to take a trip up there last week to give running a shot, since my sister and cousin are talking about participating in a fun 5K down here called The Color Run! I think I'm going to have practice running on my own and leave the pooch at home. Mallah could barely run around the loop once, and that was only .6 miles. I'm proud of myself for giving it a shot, thankfully the 5K isn't until September, so I have plenty of time to train.

I've really been itching to get a bicycle. I haven't been on a bike in way too long. As a kid, all I remember really, is falling off my bike, so I have some reservations. Maybe a nice cruising bike would be good to try. Maybe an early birthday gift will arrive on my door step in the shape of a bicycle soon...

Any ways, I think this is enough random thoughts for now. If anything exciting happens between here and there, I will of course let all of you know...

Oh by the way, got a new tattoo the other day, I'm in love with it. It doesn't even look real it's so perfect. I just have to share!


  1. Justin laughed at me when I told him that I wanted a bike - a cruising bike with a basket on it :) Get your Buns home So we can bike together!

    and yes the Color Run is on!

  2. Seriously! Groupon had a nice Italian cruising bike on sale from 500 bucks down to 199 but when I went to go check it out again, they were all sold out :(


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