One Month

 It's hard to believe that it has already been a month since surgery. I have to admit, I was expecting the worst, and got kinda bad. Although my new stomach has been finicky at times, I don't really have too many complaints about it. I caught myself complaining about how tiny of an amount of food I can eat, then slapped myself and said "Helllooooo! That's the whole reason why you went through with this you idiot!".

Most people revolve their lives around food. If there is a party, there is food. If there is a funeral, there is food. If you have friends over to visit, you have food, if you go ANYWHERE, there is food. I'm  trying to learn to not use food as a source of entertainment. It's hard though, when you don't have any friends going through the same thing as you (well at least no friends in the area). But, I think as work slows down, I will start trying to find support groups in the area, where I can find peers that don't want to just go out to eat, but something else!

I've found in the past week that I am able to eat a little more (woohoo!). I think this means that the swelling has gone down a lot. I knew I'd be able to eat a little more in time, and I'm glad its sooner than later. Even though I know that I can survive off of the tiny amounts I was eating, in my head I kept thinking there is NO WAY that can be true. Our brains are funny, I keep reading on the forum I am a frequent visitor on that we had surgery on our stomachs, not our brains. It's going to take much longer for us to retrain our brains with our new lifestyles.

Speaking of food, I think I've officially given up on the Greek Yogurt trend. I've tried all sorts of brands, and flavors, and yet I still do all that I can to not chuck it back up after I swallow it. Something about the mix between the texture and the tangy-ness, just doesn't work for me. So back to Yoplait I go.

I will leave you will my one month picture update. Please note that in the first picture, it was 5 am, and I don't think Mom told me she was taking the picture, hence the awesomely awkward smile. Hey if I'm gonna have a before photo, might as well make it look REALLY bad!


  1. Oh wow Sarah! You can definitely tell the difference in just one month. Good for you girl. Keep up the great work :)

  2. Isn't it amazing how little food we eat the first month? My one month is coming up this week (6/16), too, and I cannot get over how little I have eaten these past few weeks. I am looking forward to the next stage as we get to eat more. Now if the parties and BBQ's would just stop, lol!

    Keep up the fantastic work! You are looking good :)

  3. Thanks Sandy! Thankfully I live far enough away from my family that I don't have to worry too much about all the parties and bbq's of the summer!


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