Weekend Update

I don't know where to begin today.

This was a good weekend. I feel like it didn't go by too fast, but I also didn't feel like it dragged on uneventfully.

I think I have made the conscious decision to put me first. I might have unintentionally said goodbye to the guy I had been seeing off and on for the past year. If it's been almost a year, and I'm not into it, then I shouldn't stick around, just to have someone next to me at night, right? Right.

I didn't realize how hard it would be to be alone. Granted, my Facebook status has said "single" forever, I have in fact been in plenty of relationships, just not Facebook worthy ones I guess. Maybe it's because they are just taking up time, until something better comes along. That's not very nice of me to say. I've learned something from every relationship I've been in. Mostly, that I settle. That I put in way more than I get back. Times are changing.

I spent my weekend trying new things. I went to the infamous Futbol Cafe near my house Friday. My roommate and I used to be regulars there, til life got in the way, it’s nice to see old faces again, and to be welcome with open arms. Anyway, I had my first alcoholic beverage Friday night...two glasses of wine! I shouldn't have had that second glass. I was drunk within the first 3 sips of the first glass. Needless to say, I had a headache within the hour. Thankfully, I also sober up now just as quickly as I get drunk.

Saturday was spent vegging out. I honestly don't remember what I did. But I know there were plenty of naps, and puppy cuddles. I also made dinner Saturday night. I found a recipe from EggFace, for Greek tortilla pizzas, I changed them a bit, and they were a hit.

Sunday, I made sure to get up at a half way decent time, and took Mallah on an adventure to Roosevelt Island here in DC. I've heard others mention this place before, and want to start hiking trails, but didn't want anything too crazy, since the last time I think I went hiking, I tripped over a root, breaking one of two of our gallons of water (remember Heath?). I was pleasantly surprised with a) how easy it was to find, and b) how nice of a trail it was. There were tons of people there; Mallah was pretty excited to smell everything. We probably walked for a good hour; I'd say the island was a mile or two in circumference. Mallah hated me at one point and tried jumping into the Potomac. We ended our walk/hike at the top of the island where they have the memorial to Theodore Roosevelt. Very nice I must say, they are in the middle of revamping it, but so far its beautiful. We sunbathed (Mallah laid under the bench) for a bit and headed home.

I met with my nutritionist today; she said I was doing well with my eating and such. I have to start taking a calcium supplement, but I probably needed to take one 5 years ago, so I'm not going to complain. I asked her for a supplement for motivation too, but she told me they don't make those haha. I tried.

I should mention that on Friday I experienced my first Farmer's Market. I've always wanted to go, but never had the motivation to go on a Saturday Morning. Thankfully this one was Friday afternoon, right outside the metro where my clients are in DC. I grabbed a few fresh veggies for an awesome price, and am so happy. I will make sure to schedule my DC trips on Fridays now :)

I've been having difficulty finding quick and easy meals for me for when I don't feel like cooking. Recently however, I found Garden Lites Products in the freezer section. They have lots of choices from soufflés to marinara dishes. They are gluten free and some are even vegan! The best part is that they taste delish! Once our freezer empties a bit, I'm going to stock up on these bad boys!

Life seems to be getting a little easier day by day.


  1. Nice Sa!

    And yes I remember the hiking- same trip that I was chased by the "bear", peed my pants and gutted my first fish...aahh memories.

    We have to do the Island Hike when Dad & I Come for a visit in October- sounds great!

  2. Yes! We will def. go when you guys come to visit! I want to start finding more trails that are dog friendly in the area and try them throughout the summer :)


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